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SWHi, my name is Scott White and I am a fitness enthusiast. Previously, I was a certified fitness instructor giving physical training to soldiers. Now, I would like give back by sharing information on fitness and nutrition to all who want a better and healthier lifestyle.

During my teenage years, I was often being laugh and joke about of my skinny body. I used to be struggling with my very low self esteem of being different from many bigger built boys. It really hurts when being laugh and joke by others.

However, I am determine and confident that I will have a muscular and strong body. I read up on many magazines and searched around the web for the answers. Within six months, I was transformed into a lean and toned body that many men would desired to have and ladies would just love to admire.

Greatly, this boosted my self confidence and I believe that many people would be benefitted from my experience of achieving a great looking body. Whether you are 19 years old or over 65 years old, men or ladies, you can get the desire body you always dream.

All it takes are passion and determination to have a well toned body within a short period of time. Just read the useful articles and take some actions. If you have not been exercising for a long period of time, do have a medical body check-up by qualified medical practitioner, doctor, etc.

To break free from the usual photos on pages, we have included fun looking cartoon characters over some of our pages at FitnessEarly.com. Hope it brightens your days! Stay happy, eat healthy, exercise regularly and rest well! Cheers!

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