Best Arm Workout for Mass

The best arms workout for mass can increased size and shape of your arms and have benefits with the help of some exercises. Arms are important part of human body and people like to have big arms with good muscles. Different types of exercises are helpful for increasing strength and size of muscles in arms which can be used for getting good results.



Arm MusclesBiceps are located on the upper portion of arms from elbow to shoulder. Biceps are helpful in movements of the arm and curling. Main exercises which can increase strength of biceps include barbell curls and dumbbell curls.


Barbell curls

Barbell curls can be done by using a barbell. In this exercise it is important to hold the barbell with hands and keeping the distance almost similar to the levels of shoulders.

Barbell curls could be done while keeping the palms in or out. Both conditions are good for increasing strength of biceps. Elbows must be touching the sides of the body and not moving during exercise.

Keep the body straight and hold the weight slowly and gradually. Lift the barbell till the muscles are extended and then take the weight down. Perform some reps with light weight in start to give time to your biceps muscles to get strength. With the passage of time you can increase the weight for more power and strength of your muscles.


Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curls are performed with the help of dumbbells. In this exercise dumbbells are used with reasonable weight. Both weights can be carried at the same time or one weight can be carried first and the other is carried later in alternate turns. In this exercise it is important to keep the body strength and avoid using jerks for carrying the dumbbells. Continue this exercise for some reps and get good size of your biceps.



Forearms are located in the arms between the elbow and wrist. Forearms are helpful for movement of hand. Wrist curls are performed by using barbell in order to increase strength of forearms.


Wrist Curls

Wrist curls can be performed for increasing strength of forearms. In this exercise you can use barbell or dumbbells. You can sit and place your elbows on your legs. Keep the wrists free and hold the barbell or dumbbells. Move the wrists up and down slowly and complete the exercise for some reps. Use reasonable weight to increase strength of forearms without injury.



Triceps are located at the back side of arms from elbow and shoulder. Elbow can be extended with the help of triceps. Lying tricep press and bench press with close grip are good exercises for increasing strength of triceps.


Lying Tricep Press

Lying tricep press is performed by lying on a bench and holding the dumbbells or barbell. Arms must be towards the side of head and folded from the upper side. Weight must come down till the level of head and then up again. Continue this exercise for some reps with light weight. This exercise is good and targeting the muscles of triceps for giving them strength and size.

With determination and commitment, just follow the best arm workout for mass daily. You will gain your muscular arm in no time.

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