Best Back Workout For Mass

Looking for the best back workout for mass? Back is an important part of the body but many people are not targeting it while doing exercises. Main thing is that back is not so obvious like chest or front parts of the body. However it is important to focus on back to get muscles and good health of the overall body systems. There are many types of exercises which are working well for back muscles.

You can gain size and shape for muscles of your back and have good health with the help of these types of exercises. Main muscles included in back area are Erector spinae, Latissimus dorsi, Trapezius, Infraspinatus and Teres. Here are some exercises which can be used for increasing the strength of Erector spinae, Latissimus dorsi, Trapezius, Infraspinatus and Teres and give you a strong back.


Lower Back

Best Back MusclesLower back is performing functions related with the scapula and help in its depression. This portion is located around spine at the lower parts of the back. Main exercises used for increasing strength and muscles of this portion of back are hyperextensions and stiff legged good morning.



This exercise is performed on a bench. In this exercise you are required to place your feet on the place provided on bench and lay on the bench while your face is pointing in downward direction. You must cross your arms on your chest and bend your body from the middle section.

Keep the body straight during bending and then return to straight position. Complete this exercise slowly and continue till you feel normal. This exercise will give strength to the muscles of lower back. Glutes and hamstrings are also developed with the help of this exercise.


Middle Back

Middle back has an important function related with scapula and its retraction. Scapula is also rotated in downward direction with the help of middle back. Spinal column and scapula are included in the middle back portion. Main exercises used for increasing strength of muscle sin middle back are bent over barbell rows and seated cable row.


Bent Over Barbell Rows

This exercise is good for increasing strength of muscle sin middle back region. In this exercise it is important to focus on the angle of bending of back. You must have almost 45 degrees bending for holding the barbell and then pick the load and stay in this angle and then use your arms to pull the barbell up and down. Complete the reps while remaining in this position and take rest when you are done.



Lats is important in back region and it is involved in different types of functions like extension, medial rotation and adduction. It is located in the areas of arm pit and lumbar vertebrae. It is mainly working as an insertion. Main exercises which are focusing on lats and increasing its strength and size are pull ups and wide grip lat pull down.



Traps are important in back region and they have many functions. Traps make it possible for scapula to elevate. Scapula can also be adducted with the help of traps. Scapula is also depressed by using traps. It is like an insertion at the neck region and down to spine. Main exercises which can target traps include barbell shrugs and upright rows.

Have a good training schedule and regular workout for various part of your back muscles. Within weeks, the best back workout for mass will give you the amazing muscles many would crave.

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