Body Weight Pilates Review

Body Weight Pilates might be your answer if you are feeling hopeless after doing some workouts but you do not see any results. If you have problems of obesity or weight, you can look for other alternatives to resolve it. One of the best ways is by performing Pilates workouts.

As it is explained in the book entitle “Body Weight Pilates”, you can do Pilates workouts every day for 45 days and you can see a perfect result. This book provides a solution to the mother who has just given birth and wish to get back her beautiful body. Some people have proved the effectiveness of the methods described in the book.

Body Weight Pilates Review

However, it is not only for the women who have just given birth but also for any women who have weight problems. The workouts explained in the book belong to the light and easy workouts which are different from gym workouts. So, you can perform these Pilates workouts at home or at any places you want.



Talking about the book, you must wonder who wrote this book. The author of the book entitled Body Weight Pilates is Sylvia Favela. She is a Pilates instructor that has been doing the job for years. She was not a skinny woman after she gave birth to her child. She was inspired by some women who have difficulties in performing hard workouts after pregnant.

Therefore, she got the solutions and created a book which contains thousands of workout methods that are appropriate for some women either the women who have just give birth or any women who really wish to get their slim body back.


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Sylvia Favela wrote the book entitle Body Weight Pilates 2.0 on purpose to share some of the benefits of Pilates workouts with other women all around the world. If you are a woman who looks so fat, so you can get benefits from the book.

  • Reveals some secrets of Pilates workouts that you have never seen before.
  • 45 days weight loss by focusing on Pilates, Cardio, and Nutrition.
  • Quite effective for after giving birth women who really wish to remove their waistlines.
  • Effective to burn some fat inside your abdomen.
  • Includes a book and a video instruction.
  • Get free other books.
  • No Shipping cost and affordable price.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.



  • This book is only for women.
  • No hardcopy material, just like 4 Minute Fighter Abs program, so you have to print it by yourself if you want.



Having hard workouts are not appropriate for the women who have just given birth. Therefore, you must be looking for another alternative to burning some fat in your body. The book entitled “Body Weight Pilates” can be a good choice for you who really wish to get in shape after pregnant.

Now, you are no need to worry to be a fat woman after giving birth because you can get back your beautiful body by following some methods taught in the book written by Sylvia Favela.


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